R Madhavan
Film Actor/Director/Producer

"Anoop has been such a complete pleasure to work with. His enthusiasm and promptness is something that has bowled me over. Creatively he is spot on and most importantly he takes so much pride in his work. I can’t wait to work with him again."
Shajoon Kariyal
Film Director/Producer

"I’ve known Anoop for many years. I consider him as my brother. Anoop created the 'Thakaali Films' production house logo as well as 'Salt Mango Tree' movie title font design. I’ve decided to give him work on my next movie as well because of his dedication, immense talent and creativity."
Vijay Moolan
Entrepreneur/Film Producer

"I was introduced to the super talented Anoop as part of the poster designs for our movie Rocketry. His grasping speed to understand a concept and come up with a creative within the required time limit (mostly immediate requirements) is what impressed me the most."
Satheesh Gopalan
President, CanEast Films, Ottawa, Canada

"I met Anoop a few years ago while doing my documentary on Creativity and Innovation. I was enthralled by the creative talent hidden in him. He is an excellent Designer who can bring your imagination into great designs through Typography and Illustrations"
Bijith Bala
Film Director/Editor

"I have been working with Anoop for a long time and I can say that my designs are in the perfect hands."
Aaryan Karia
Gajhdanta Films, Mumbai

"Anoop is a man of creativity, he has got a bundle of new vision, which not only shocked me, but also gave surprises to all my trusted and referred people in media industry, AR Design Factory deals with your life dream for professional world, which comes into life because of him. Most important his services don't end after completion of project, but keep on going for your thought of updation to conquer professional life with smile, and to be surprised I call him Beardo Man. Thank you for all support for creating a vibrant brand for Me!"
Shando Uruvath
Film Editor/Postproduction Workflow Specialist

"Unique and bespoke designs! What can I say that's not already been said, if you're looking for someone professional then look no further. Anoop is the most professional person I have ever had the pleasure of working with, the attention to detail and the effectiveness of the finished product in addition to post production support. Thanks Anoop you're the best!"
Archana Subramanian
Senior HR Manager

"I’ve known Anoop for over 10 years now! I may have changed companies or moved countries, but my association with his creativity is as strong as ever! To say very simply – you give him a couple of adjectives and his creative juices flow. He is someone who is professional, prompt and of course a pleasure to work with from start to finish. What I love about working with him is that he knows how to defend his designs and explains the various elements he uses and the meaning behind each stroke! For someone like me who also has a creative mind (at least that’s what I believe), I’m always dumbfounded with Anoop’s work on creating the right balance and helping convert one’s thoughts to design. Needless to say, I would highly recommend Anoop not only for his extensive knowledge of art and design but also for the valuable perspective he brings to it. He is also a joy to work with!"
Chan Sue Meng
Greenshoots Communications

"Anoop is creative, responsive and has attention to detail. He's a pleasure to work with!"